shutterstock_370420892A long term care insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. In exchange for premium payments you make, the company promises to reimburse you for the cost of covered long term care services when you need them.

Long term care insurance helps cover the cost of services for people who have an extended physical illness, an extended disability or a cognitive impairment.

A long term care insurance plan can help protect your independence and your dignity by giving you the freedom of choice to receive care:

  • At your own home, if medically appropriate
  • At a long term care facility you select

Long-term care (LTC) describes the need for assistance from another person with everyday tasks. This type of care is typically non-medical (custodial) and not covered by health insurance. LTC describes the need for custodial (unskilled) help from another person, for an extended period of time. LTC needs consists of services and support related to a prolonged illness, injury or chronic condition. As more Americans expect to live a long life and the population ages, the need for these services will grow. A LTC care event can be devastating both financially and emotionally. Planning for LTC should be part of everyone’s retirement planning.

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