lifehealthWhen it comes to family health plans, one size does not fit all. Working with the professionals at Capital Health Insurance of Nevada you are able to choose from a variety of companies and plan designs to fit your family’s health insurance needs and your budget.

Most health insurance plans are serviced through either a “Preferred Provider Organization” PPO or a “Health Management Organization” HMO. These plans form a network of doctors, hospitals, medical centers, specialists, labs and pharmacies all under contract with a specific managed care organization. PPO plans have been around the longest, and due to their flexibility and lower out-of-pocket costs, they are still the most popular as of 2016. However, the number of HMO plans are increasing at a faster rate due to the fact they tend to charge lower premiums.

What is an HMO?
HMO stands for “Health Maintenance Organization”. With an HMO plan, you must choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from a network of local healthcare providers who will refer you to in-network specialists or hospitals when necessary. HMO provides comprehensive health care to a voluntarily enrolled group at a predetermined price. All your care is coordinated through that PCP.

What is a PPO?
PPO is a “Preferred Provider Organization”, which is an association that contracts with a group of doctors, dentists, hospitals or other health care service providers to offer care at prearranged rates or discounts. A PPO allows plan participants relative freedom to choose the doctors and hospitals they want to visit. Obtaining services from doctors within the health insurance plan’s network, called “preferred providers,” results in lower fees for policyholders, but the premiums for PPOs are typically higher as a result.

Selecting the right health insurance policy can be confusing. Don’t neglect protecting your health or your financial security. Let our friendly agents help you! Call, click or stop by any of our convenient locations in Reno or Carson City today.

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